Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today, while searching old emails to find an answer to a web design question that I know I've asked Kirk before, I found a jackpot of old memories, primarily consisting of YouTube videos sent between a few select coworkers.

They are too good (or ridiculous) not to share (and immortalize) on this blog.

Exibit A: the cat massage, which taught me everything I need to know about caring for Beatrice.

Exhibit B: the Terry Gross interview with Gene Simmons which is simultaneously disturbing and hilarious.

Exhibit C: the man Kirk's mom would date

(gotta admit, Kirk, I had never watched this until tonight. It is dead on accurate.)

Alright, that's all for now. If anyone would like to help me with my website problems, please email or call me during work hours, extension x6297. Thank you very much.

PS posted with Jon's assistance.


Kirk D. said...

Ha ha! those three pieces of entertainment sum up so much. Somehow they even seem to compliment one another.
I hope you are reconsidering your "no video at work" policy. How can you deny yourself this much joy?

Mel said...

Yes, I have given up on my "no video at work" policy altogether, and even watched 5 episodes of 30 Rock yesterday. Once it gets busier again I'll reinstate my policy.
now who's the best cat in the united states?
Glad you enjoyed the memories.