Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Post

At the urging of my sister, here's my first post in a long time. So hello, cousins and Melanie's friends. :-) One of my resolutions for the year is to contribute a little more to this blog. For accountability, here are my other plans for the new year:

1. Cook more new recipes. Specifically, I'd like to make at least 5 things that currently intimidate me (e.g. gnocchi, mussels, and pot roast).

2. Learn how to knit. Thanks to a thoughtful gift, I have yarn and needles and am waiting on a book to learn. I'm excited!

3. Read at least 5 books. That's a shamefully low number, isn't it? But I've found the past couple years that life (and the internet and tv and...) just gets in the way....

4. Sew 10 items. 2009 was the year of the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses (and many other wedding-related crafts?). This year, I'd like to concentrate on items that will be worn or used more than once. :-)

5. Send cards for birthdays to my friends and families. I really have no excuse - I actually have a 'birthday calendar', and I plan to use it this year!


DeMo said...

Yay! Hello, Rachel. :) Good luck on your resolutions. I like them all. I also like Mel's. And started writing my own. Like make more pottery. I'm looking forward to that one.

Mel said...

looking forward to getting my birthday card this year.... :)