Monday, January 11, 2010

I need to dust around my cubicle.

This is unfortunate, since I hate dusting. But not all bad, because it reminded me of one of my all-time favorite children's books, All-of-a-kind Family.

Mom used to hide pennies and dimes around the house whenever I dusted. If I found all of the coins, I had done a good job. We were still finding leftover pennies into my college years.... :)

Kristen, Rachel and I used to sit in the scratchy orange chairs of FMC's library every day after church and read books like this one. All-of-a-kind Family reminds me still of the simple pleasures of life and the sweetness of close family ties. It almost makes me sad that I have a regular and adequate income--how fun would it be to save up pennies to buy sweets, or to make a trip to the library the event of the week?!

Okay, maybe not all that great after a while. But you should check the book out, if only at your library. It's just so sweet. And if you don't love the story, at least appreciate the charming illustrations.


Lindsey said...

I loved those books!! The entire series. I went and found them last year when I was with the kids I nannied for at the library, and then read them the stories from the first book. Silly Charlotte wanting to see the jewels in the stove.

Miriam said...

Aw, great books!