Monday, February 18, 2008

A hint of spring (Just a hint)

Today was a giddy day. The fact that we're supposed to be celebrating-- something about presidents--was excuse enough for me to take the day off. It even came on the heels of a relaxing weekend, so I awoke early this morning & cheerfully attacked the remainder of my list. The morning started with a rainstorm & a space heater, but when I ventured outside, it was a balmy, damp day that smelled of rain and dirt and spring. It was 60F--wait, yes really! in the usually frigid northeast! Enough to make this girl giddy with joy.

Somehow, there is just nothing like rare warmth & a free this case, it led to two steamy loaves of french bread and a full pot of soup*, as well as a bevy of organizing & errands. In spite of the cooling weather outside, the joy of being able to slowly, happily savor my day still lingers with me this evening.

*I promise to post pics tomorrow. It was a lunch feast that I quite happily devoured!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What I dream about at work...

Now, don't get me wrong. I truly enjoy my job and work hard (really, I do!). However, there are those moments when I find myself thinking about things other than healthcare & clinical guidelines. Namely, the ugliness of my cubicle. To be fair, it's nicer & newer than plenty I've seen, but it just doesn't welcome me with open arms or beg me to linger a few moments more.

If, my fantasy begins, perhaps, my company permitted, or even encouraged full-out cubicle customization, these would be a few of my picks:

CB2 desk & Ikea file cabinet, for a touch of the clean & modern. Plenty of space to spread out on the desk, but a great place to store all of the junk underneath it.

Comfy Pottery Barn desk chair, a perfect blend of the old with the modern desk. (Please note, is also a great source of these chairs!)

Fun desk accessories from See Jane Work & Bell'occhio to add a little color to the cubicle:

And wouldn't this Room&Board chair (maybe in a red/pink wool fabric) be fabulous to settle into on those afternoons when you just want to put your feet up to work?

Friday, February 15, 2008

One Lucky Helen

Well, we've been a little lazy with our blog here. I guess work has snowed me under, and Rach might actually be snowed under.... hmm.

I "found" a new artist today though (thanks to Print&Pattern), and I had to share. I am in LOVE with Helen Dardik's artwork (and patterns). Her vector art is phenomenal-I tried my hand at vector art once, and I now respect anyone who can do such a fine job! Here are some samples.

Seeing artwork like this, done by an artist who loves their work and has made it their job makes me infinitely jealous....

Friday, February 1, 2008

The reader in Me

I thought that today I would share my obsession with bookshelves, bookcases, or just stacks of books. I love the colors that they create together and I love the idea of all those stories and lives, just waiting to be read and enjoyed. Right now, Domino Mag has a little feature on bookcases. Here are some of my favorites...