Monday, January 19, 2009

FIVE miles.

I ran five miles this weekend. By myself.

I'm ridiculously proud of myself, it's kinda silly. I mean, I've run 5 miles consecutively before
.... but I don't know if I've ever done it alone. Felt so good. Painful, but good.

I also started knitting these. I nearly finished one on Sunday, and I think I'll have the other one done by the end of the week. Knitting is so theraputic for me--I can talk, think, watch reruns of Northern Exposure (my new fav), or just zone out. The repetition is so nice after a long week of work. And it's so nice to be making something that is useful and pretty. I look forward to a few knitting and coffee dates this week wih close friends.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I knit a hat

And I thought it was really cute until I started comparing it with several professional-looking hand-knits online, and now am slightly depressed about my obviously not professional knitting skills. *sigh.

Well, okay. Here is a picture of it anyway.

By the way, have I mentioned how crappy my camera is? Yeah. Maybe once I have moved and purchased a new car I will think about getting a real camera. Until then, the hat:

It's more of a slouchy beret fit.

Isn't it funny to take pics of yourself in the mirror and then notice how uneven your face is??

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loving the Cold

It's COLD here. Well, cold for the south. I hope that I haven't become too much of a cold-weather-wimp--I need to get used to the cold while I have it around so that I am prepared for my future move northward. (eventually--nothing in the works at the moment)

I'm thinking that maybe with the cold weather, I ought to try making some of this bread.... I don't have a dutch oven (*sad sigh), but I think I could make it work by stacking a few pans together like Molly did. And then maybe some kind and generous benefactor will give me a dutch oven for next time. :)

Also nearly time to start a new knitting project.... pics of the current one to come soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun Things for 2009

run a second half-marathon - and knock 20 minutes off my time

knit something that i actually wear

update my resume, coverletter, and design portfolio so that it is ready to submit at a moment's notice

sew myself a dress- and a quilt, for that matter

travel with my sis (last trip before she becomes a married woman!)

learn to swim better

blog regularly