Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loving the Cold

It's COLD here. Well, cold for the south. I hope that I haven't become too much of a cold-weather-wimp--I need to get used to the cold while I have it around so that I am prepared for my future move northward. (eventually--nothing in the works at the moment)

I'm thinking that maybe with the cold weather, I ought to try making some of this bread.... I don't have a dutch oven (*sad sigh), but I think I could make it work by stacking a few pans together like Molly did. And then maybe some kind and generous benefactor will give me a dutch oven for next time. :)

Also nearly time to start a new knitting project.... pics of the current one to come soon.


Sara K. said...

MEL! ha, I just rediscovered your blog! I sense you have an itch to leave DS, which would be sad, but let me know if you do b/c I'm going to need a job in Arkansas when we move back there in six months!

Oh, and I just tried a yummy new bread recipe this weekend! Is it cheating if I use a bread machine, though? :)

Rach said...

Melly, it's f-ing cold up here. Not going to be above freezing for at least a week. Imagine what that does to your heating bill...yeah. Want to trade?

Lindsey said...

Ooh I want a dutch oven too. I got some money for Christmas and ALMOST bought one, but did the smart (debatable) thing and put it towards a new laptop instead. I was in a Le Creuset outlet in KC and just about died. What color would you get, incidentally?

Mel said...

mmm.... well I'd be happy with any color, Lindsey, but I do love the white one that my sis got last year.... you?