Sunday, February 17, 2008

What I dream about at work...

Now, don't get me wrong. I truly enjoy my job and work hard (really, I do!). However, there are those moments when I find myself thinking about things other than healthcare & clinical guidelines. Namely, the ugliness of my cubicle. To be fair, it's nicer & newer than plenty I've seen, but it just doesn't welcome me with open arms or beg me to linger a few moments more.

If, my fantasy begins, perhaps, my company permitted, or even encouraged full-out cubicle customization, these would be a few of my picks:

CB2 desk & Ikea file cabinet, for a touch of the clean & modern. Plenty of space to spread out on the desk, but a great place to store all of the junk underneath it.

Comfy Pottery Barn desk chair, a perfect blend of the old with the modern desk. (Please note, is also a great source of these chairs!)

Fun desk accessories from See Jane Work & Bell'occhio to add a little color to the cubicle:

And wouldn't this Room&Board chair (maybe in a red/pink wool fabric) be fabulous to settle into on those afternoons when you just want to put your feet up to work?

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