Sunday, October 23, 2011

There's so much encouragement out there to be on top of the new trend and the new technology--to embrace social media and allow it to transform your business, your life.

Is there potential in going the opposite direction as well? Can you make a business work without email blasts and facebook fan pages and twitter updates? I'm curious. Most of the design blogs and new business tutorials suggest that you cannot.

I don't want to be abreast all the new technological advancements, and I don't want to be a victim of the trends. It's too much pressure. It requires hours, even days of time to be spent researching and then purchasing and then over-communicating. And then the next day, the same all over again because it's always evolving. Where is the time to feel and think and create?

I keep thinking about something Ann Voscamp said at our spiritual retreat last week:

creative space comes from quiet space.

I love that.

It's probably a bit ironic that I'm posting this on a blog. I guess technology has its place.

Interesting related read: Waldorf School in Silicon Valley, where learning takes place without computers (shocking!)

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