Sunday, October 9, 2011

I was troweling through the old family photo archives a few weeks ago, and found this treasure.

This is little Rachel. Check out the modest shorts, the bowl haircut (nb: this was her own choice), the SAVE THE EARTH tee, the large granny glasses (hello, stylish) and of course the Grand Champion banana bread.

Funny story: that banana bread recipe won grand champion at the county fair every time one of us kids made it. After we had each won once (and collected our $13), Mom said we couldn't submit it anymore. It was a blow to our yearly allowance of Harvey County Fair earnings.


Rachel said...



Mel said...

Greg insisted--he has been begging me to post this for weeks :)

I think we could find a good one of him, if we need to.... we've got a few years to chose from (5th-10th grades, roughly)


Greg said...

Hahahahaha wait, youre blaming this on me?! It was too good to be true. Make sure Chris sees this.

FYI - I never got grand champion with banana bread - just with brownies and reserved champion with onions.

Mel said...

oh, sorry buddy! i thought we all got a chance. maybe rachel submitted it twice? i know i won one year with it--but never really felt like it was a true win....