Friday, January 7, 2011

Today I'm wishing for insanely delicious butter on my fresh bread.
And to go back to New York.
Next trip's priority: dinner at Eataly.

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Lindsey said...

You should see if you can find Kerrygold butter around, or at least Lurpak--delicious for spreading on bread.

DeMo said...

Will you make fresh bread when I come? I will bring butter that I've churned myself in my vintage 1823 butter churn, using milk from the miniature cows that I keep out back.

Mel said...

Lindsey: Harps does carry Kerrygold, but I've never been able to spend that much $$ on butter that has never been recommended to me by a friend. So maybe this is the motivation I need?

Demo: if you bring butter from your own cows, I'll provide the bread. No cheating now!