Sunday, January 9, 2011

Links from my files (which I thought you might enjoy too):

Eleven top decorating trends for twenty-eleven: it's eerie to see how closely my life already mirrors these trends--and I thought I was loving things just because I loved them. Guess I spend a little too much time reading the blogs....

Winter haircare: doesn't this make you want to take better care of yourself for winter? I hate the dry skin problem, and this year have been making the most out of my humidifier and my favorite Aveeno unscented lotion.

Fieldguided: on loving what you love.

A cozy-looking stew: to make in the new dutch oven, only I think I'd go back to the original recipe. I much prefer kale to chard, and not so much beans and tomatoes, but I'm sure either way would be delicious.

First Listen: the Decemberists' new album! It's a different take on their normal sound, and it's good.

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