Friday, February 26, 2010

Alright winter, the love affair is over. Anytime now, spring.
(unless you're going to send us some more pretty snow flurries. we haven't had our fill of those down here)

Photo by Anna Wolf Photography.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I really like the Bonnie and Clyde photoshoot being the first thing I see when I open up this page, but I did want to post something new (it was inevitable, I suppose).

So this is it, just a little link to another blogger's thoughts about lent. I thought they were good and a reflection of my own thoughts on lent and self-denial. I couldn't say it better.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shoulda picked Bonnie & Clyde.

Something to aspire to

“I look back at pictures of all of us from college,” says Elyce Arons, “and there’s me in some goofball trendy outfit, and there’s Kate in the perfect navy peacoat, the perfect fisherman’s sweater. Kate and Andy have both always been exactly the same.”

The Spades are from the Midwest. They like to get together with their old friends and stay up late. They like things to be classic and they like the color Kelly green. They came to the city, but they didn’t set about erasing the people they were before they got here, and they still have that outsider’s endless thrill of how cool is this art gallery? How great is this weird smelly record store?

Kate laughs a lot, and she is generous with her favorite word, which is “darling” and which she uses as an adjective. Since selling the company, she hasn’t felt even the slightest urge to go back to work. She’s been pretty much full-time taking care of Bea—they ice-skate together at Wollman rink, they invite friends over for music class, and when Kate makes her a sandwich, she cuts it into the shape of a heart. “The other mothers are like, ‘Okay, whatever,’ ” she says, laughing. “They think I’m insane. But I want to be able to do this while I can. When she’s like, ‘Mom, get away from me!’ then I’ll think about what else I want to do, but I’m incredibly glad I can do this now.”

More on Kate and Andy here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Almost Friday.
Work is work. And sometimes even a giant bow and red zip-ups don't change that fact.
Thankfully, Practical is not always Practical.

whoops. almost forgot the photo credit.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kate just posted about Swank Dollar. I've never seen her stuff before, and I've gotta say wow. She is good. Such beautiful knit pieces. I am impressed.

I cannot imagine the time and imagination that goes into creating some of this stuff. I also cannot imagine that most of it flatters a real person.... but maybe I just don't have the vision yet.

Fashion week is killing me with inspiration. I need a sewing machine and some drafting paper at my desk - pronto. I need time to copy down these inspirational images--the textures, the draping, the color combinations and the lack of color overall. I need someone to tell me where I can find a pair of mustard yellow woollen leggings, and I should find a pair of thigh-highs for spring and fall. Knit another sweater, sew a few skirts, source some fabric. So much to do! Here are a few of my favorite images thus far:

Band of Outsiders, a definite favorite. (also pictured above) The lighter neutrals are a nice contrast to many of the other collections, and the schoolboy look always feels fun in the fall. I'm happy to still see oxfords.

Rachel Comey, a perfect blend of minimalism and classicism and the most beautiful shoes ever. Love some congac leather anytime.

Rag & Bone with fantastic textural contrasts. I love the dark color palette for winter and the sophisticated plaids. Nice change from the hipster plaids that have taken over. Feels very classic and sassy at the same time.

Marc Jacobs, oozing with sophistication. In my dream world, I'd own all three and wear them to all the fantastic "events" I would be attending. Especially that center one. I think my goal for the week will be to put black sequins on a card.... Husband Christmas maybe?

all images from of course

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I would like to buy myself these this year for Valentine's day. Even if they do look remarkably similar to a necklace I had back in grade school. Or maybe because they look so similar.... hmm. It was my favorite necklace.

I will also need another tube of that Hello Kitty hot pink lipstick and a pair of navy-blue Swedish Hasbeens because they are the hottest things out there. Or ish. Hott-ish. I dunno about this clog revival....

It brings back dreadful memories of the faux leather, faux bois L.L.Bean open-backs that I had in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. Has it really been that long ago?!

Earrings via Mimi & Meg, from Juicy Couture.