Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion week is killing me with inspiration. I need a sewing machine and some drafting paper at my desk - pronto. I need time to copy down these inspirational images--the textures, the draping, the color combinations and the lack of color overall. I need someone to tell me where I can find a pair of mustard yellow woollen leggings, and I should find a pair of thigh-highs for spring and fall. Knit another sweater, sew a few skirts, source some fabric. So much to do! Here are a few of my favorite images thus far:

Band of Outsiders, a definite favorite. (also pictured above) The lighter neutrals are a nice contrast to many of the other collections, and the schoolboy look always feels fun in the fall. I'm happy to still see oxfords.

Rachel Comey, a perfect blend of minimalism and classicism and the most beautiful shoes ever. Love some congac leather anytime.

Rag & Bone with fantastic textural contrasts. I love the dark color palette for winter and the sophisticated plaids. Nice change from the hipster plaids that have taken over. Feels very classic and sassy at the same time.

Marc Jacobs, oozing with sophistication. In my dream world, I'd own all three and wear them to all the fantastic "events" I would be attending. Especially that center one. I think my goal for the week will be to put black sequins on a card.... Husband Christmas maybe?

all images from of course

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