Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I would like to buy myself these this year for Valentine's day. Even if they do look remarkably similar to a necklace I had back in grade school. Or maybe because they look so similar.... hmm. It was my favorite necklace.

I will also need another tube of that Hello Kitty hot pink lipstick and a pair of navy-blue Swedish Hasbeens because they are the hottest things out there. Or ish. Hott-ish. I dunno about this clog revival....

It brings back dreadful memories of the faux leather, faux bois L.L.Bean open-backs that I had in high school. HIGH SCHOOL. Has it really been that long ago?!

Earrings via Mimi & Meg, from Juicy Couture.

1 comment:

DeMo said...

You are so OLD. High school was so long ago.

I like those swedish hasbeens! I could maybe get away with wearing those.

{Just kidding about the old part. Unless speaking in context of comparing your birthday with mine. hehe.}