Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've really been hibernating this winter. Sherpa hoodie, flannel sheets with red starflakes, cozy blankets, knitting. Who says Ugg boots are out of style? Bears have boots that look like Uggs. Bears hibernate. Beatrice looks like a bear. I wear Uggs, but only when I tromp around my apartment.

Good hibernation music: Fleet Foxes, eponymous album.

Also good music for working when you have fifty billion cards to finish before you leave for Christmas vacation.
(sorry for the lala link--my itunes isn't working at the moment to download the actual song)


DeMo said...

I love the cozy in your apartment. Sometimes your blankets seem more cozy than mine.

Too bad we can't hibernate from work.

Rach said...

So you are telling me that you never wear those things to work, like with a skirt, anymore?

(thank goodness)

Mel said...

Never ever. I promise. Only around the house. And let me tell you, they are WORTH IT. Soo warm and furry.