Friday, December 18, 2009

Good morning

It's Christmas at work today--little packages on my desk from coworkers, peppermint coffee from the cafe, Christmas music piped in over the intercom system (seriously....), and the annual Christmas "open house." I just finished up my shift as barista at the "DayBucks" coffee stand, and was feeling uncharacteristically holidayish when I saw this image pop up in my blog reader:

Posted by Wide Open Spaces: a scan from the book Biggest, Best Snowman.

Gol-ly. I love children's books with fantastic illustrations. Especially at Christmas time. Especially with loads of those giant colored lights, kinda falling off a big tumble-down house. Especially with delicate pencil linework and soft watercolors. Especially with warm light in windows and a fir grove in the back yard and a dusting of snow....

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