Thursday, March 19, 2009

have been hunching over my computer a lot today. no, not working. i can't seem to get into that groove.

incidentally, i have read twice today on separate design blogs how unhealthy it is to hunch over a computer. i'll have to work on that.

also, i filled out my bracket today. it is potentially the worst bracket i have ever filled out for the ncaa tournament, but will be just about the best if kansas ends up winning. (go ku!!) really, there are two ways to fill out a bracket. you can go with who you know is good, or you can go with your loyalties. i'm a loyal person.

through some random blog-train, stumbled on some beautiful typographic work from Print Dolls:

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Amanda said...

My bracket is nothing but who I think sounds best winning each game pretty much. Agreed about KU. But even a loyal KU fan/alum here at the office has NC winning. Boo.