Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion advice

When do you listen to your fiance's opinion on what you wear, and when don't you?

I know what he's going to think...the question is whether I should persist and keep my "Jesus sandals" or return them and find something that both of us will enjoy looking at?


Ben & Andrea said...

Keep the sandals! They look so comfy. And there's definitely a place for the down-to-earth shoe.

Mel said...

I'm with Andrea!! :)
did you get them in the black patent? that's what I would have gotten.

Rach said..., i got the brown leather. although i am in the market for some black patent sandal goodness, considering that my dolce vita ones fell apart rather quickly.

the boy hates the sandals. i think i might have to return them. :-(

Mel said...

HA. he is so stubborn sometimes when it comes to YOUR clothing. i would refer to the post that Wiksten wrote about ugly shoes....