Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's here because it would be a long e-mail

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here you go, dear sister. my ramblings:
so in my recent e-mail, i said i was tired. now, why i'm tired. here's my schedule this week:
Monday: leave my house at 6:45 am for a conference that runs 7:45 am - 5 pm. i leave at 4 pm b/c i can't stand any more. later learn that a fire alarm went off right after i left & everyone had to leave the building. walk over to chris' at 8 pm to get ice cream.
Tuesday: wake up around 6 am again so that i go for a walk & then get ready for a conference that runs 8 am-3:30 pm. stay the whole time, then drive my coworker home, meet her parents who are living w/ her for a month (she's chinese & so the 'rents like to visit the US & her family), get to hold her adorable chinese baby. the 'chinese' part was unnecessary, most likely. bitch about job stuff for an hour. get a cool dangly thing from her mother (who doesn't speak english) to hang in my car--some kind of charm to keep me safe. go home, change, meet up w/ friends at the mall 20 min away for a kiehl's store opening. we were lured there by the offer of schwag. and the gift bag was damn good--probably $60 of product, at least. amy poehler (and her hubby) were there for publicity. not really sure why. the man appeared to be stoned out of his mind & took pics with people all while smiling very, very oddly. afterwards, narrowly escaped dinner at the cheesecake factory hell and instead drove back to boston & had dinner at the site of miracles: the bar where my dear bf & i met 18 months ago. they have an irish pizza (lots of mashed potatoes, cheese, and bacon on a pizza) that i'd previously shunned. i awoke to the error of my ways.
Wednesday: woke up at 6 am again to run. of course it rained, but the drizzle did not stop me from doing 2 miles. then off to work, work, work. tonight c & i are meeting up with the kingsley family. i'm still stressed over where to meet them for dinner. that's me.
Thursday (tomorrow): wake up early to run (damn marathon training schedule), then off to work. (yay of course) then escape as soon as possible, go home, get ready to go into town, watch satc with a bunch of girlfriends, then stay out late getting drinks and gossiping.
Friday: oh, this is the day i want today to be. take a break from running, sleep in, then work, work, work--but from my couch! stay in & make dinner with the bf.
Saturday: wake up at the crack of dawn--have to meet up with the bf & friend to go help with a race. not run in it, just help point the runners in the right direction. get free food & beer after. (beer at 11 am???) please let there be no plans for the rest of the day. well, actually, i take that back. will probably grill out w/ the bf & his friends. must plan a salad for that.
Sunday: wake up who knows when so the bf can catch his 6:30 am--or 7:30 am--flight to california for a week of training for work. cry hippo tears that i won't see him for so long. and also due to the fact that i have to wake up that early. debate going to church. maybe only if i walk. try to be ambitious & go to home depot, target, & the grocery store. probably end up laying on the couch watching tv & reading magazines, dreading work the next day.

Complications this week:
--i'm already tired. as previously noted, i am a very bad tired person. i get cranky, demanding, and obstinate. and indecisive, yet even pickier. the bf (and everyone else) does not enjoy this rachel.
--i have NO groceries, something which makes me very cranky. and i want some healthy food.
--along with the above, i have no cheezits. being tired makes me crave salty, crunchy foods.
--i have no control over my schedule. i...umm...can be a bit of a control freak and i like having everything planned. even better if i was the one planning.

i'm sure everyone will be happy when this week is over!

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