Friday, March 14, 2008

What happens in the bedroom...

It's time for a confessional: I need some help. I no longer adore my bedroom.

Don't get me wrong. For goodness sake, I really like my furniture, and I have no desire right now to repaint my room. (Heck, I wasn't even supposed to paint it in the first place!) But I've tired of the colors & the accents & the room arrangement. Here are a couple glimpses (& sorry for the poor lighting in the first one!):

If you can see it, I have a lot of orange in this room. Orange & white & minty teal. While has been inspiring as well as relaxing for the past six months, it is almost spring now & certainly time for a change! I've been sneaking around on design blogs & favorite-ing items on Etsy. I think the final straw was seeing Amy Butler's book, full of creative, colorful fabric uses.

So where does this leave me? Well, I think the color scheme is going to be a little more monochromatic. Lots of flavors of green & blue. I'm in love with these and these prints from Amy Butler, my favs of which are below.

So tonight I'll be dreaming of quilted throws, pillow covers, green plants, and a mix of blue & green accents. Sweet dreams to you too!

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