Monday, March 10, 2008

Orange + Pyrex = love

As my sister knows oh-so-well (often from "I can't concentrate at work" e-mails), I dearly seeing the color orange & Pyrex are combined into one sturdy, functional, beautiful bowl. I love the pop of color in my kitchen, particularly now in the winter when everything just seems to feel blah and completely over itself. Since I rent, the look of my kitchen is pretty inflexible, and with lots of white 80s cabinets & a weird shade of creamy pink on the walls, I don't have a lot of options, people! Thus, I believe, the fixation on color for serving bowls & other kitchen accessories.

The question is, where to find these? There seems to be a dearth of thrift stores in this part of the country--the only one nearby provides only a few treasures. So for the most part, I have to get my fix online. Few days have gone by in the past several months when I haven't spent at least a minute putting "orange, pyrex" or some permutation into the search box of Etsy, Ebay, or Shop Goodwill. So imagine my joy when I found this on Etsy last night:

Sorry, people. I already snapped it up! It'll go so well with this smaller Pyrex I found (surprisingly!) at the nearby thrift store.

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