Monday, August 23, 2010

I hate it when people take hold of my fluffy, well-intentioned ideals, turn them upside down, and shake out all the nonsense. Like here.


Greg said...

First off, the guy has some good arguments. But I was thinking about it and he spins things a little weird to make his argument.

1) 5,000 calories go into making a head of lettuce.

2) 100-300 calories from transportation, which is 14% of energy used.

3)If only 8% of energy consumed comes from farming, then the 5,000 calories he's talking about come from the sun, right? Oil versus sun energy calories are a little different-he's right. Solar energy is renewable and clean.

4) So it appear to me that someone else is comparing apples to oranges.

5) He also fails to mention the calories of fuel consumed when we fly in aspargus from Chili...

food for thought, haha

Mel said...

I love having a smart, well-informed brother ;-)
I didn't actually read most of the article, I just got annoyed that he was attempting to burst my happy, healthy food bubble. Thanks for taking the time to think it over and shoot a hole in it.