Thursday, March 4, 2010

A short list of things that concern me, and that I think should concern you too:

1. In a recent entry from the men at all plaidout, an interview with the Steven Grasse of Art in the Age*. Mr. Grasse has some eloquent words on the way we live and the idea behind his business (please excuse the explicatives): “There is an art to living. If you live in a McMansion and spend your days at a strip mall buying cheap shit from China, dude, you have lost your f*cking aura**.”

2. And a bit more: “The new luxury is knowing where the stuff comes from and knowing that the person who made it got paid,” Grasse says. “That is the new luxury. Not the fancy packaging, or the glam, but the ethics of it, the sustainability and goodness of it.”

3. The company that I work for is currently exploring the financial benefits of taking even more of our business overseas for production. How do I feel about this? See above two quotes. I recognize that we are talking about a luxury here - just knowing and choosing where our stuff comes from. But still. I'm not sure how I respond to this as an employee of this company and as someone who is hoping to live out her faith in a way that affects other lives positively. Also as an American who has a bit more national pride than she may be willing to admit.... especially after reading Friedman's Op Ed yesterday and feeling concerned once more about how we are neglecting the future with our concern for the immediate cost savings and getting back on our feet financially. Will my bonus this year cost my fellow American a job next year?

* His shop looks so cool. If you live in Philly, check it out for me, okay?
**Aura. Ha! What does that even mean? I'm not sure, but I know that I kinda like it.

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Greg said...

Hmm not sure exactly what you are saying here...but China, world financial situation, globalization, human rights, country of orgin, world education, policy incentives...very cool topics! Also I love what Friedman has to say-good find!