Friday, April 24, 2009

"slick-chrome american prince"

Less than 48 hrs til the race!!
My legs are feeling antsy from the taper. They want to run again! Hopefully they will feel this great at 6:30 Sunday morning....

I really want to try making Wheat Thins. Maybe next weekend.

Interesting article here on correlations between the economy and the obsession with being thin. And here's another just for fun, on women in the workplace.

And finally, a little peak of what I am working on for a Walmart proposal. This little card will be a part of a four-card series for Father's Day if it is taken.

The vest is a top-fold that opens to reveal the message beneath. I think it will be so sweet! I did the artwork all in Photoshop.


DeMo said...

Good luck at your race! I'll still be in bed. :)

I love the card! It's much better than I imagined after hearing about it last night. Lookin' good! ;)

Sara K. said...

Hope the race went well for you!! The card is really cute—you made those buttons in Photoshop? They're amazing!