Friday, February 6, 2009

My Turn

1. I love to run. Far. Not too fast. Music playing in my ears. People driving by. I like to imagine that they are envying me for my fitness and my freedom.

2. I hate chicken. I didn't realize this until a few weeks ago. I kinda like some cuts of beef, I like pork, and most seafood is ok, as well as turkey (mmm, thanksgiving), but I hate chicken.

3. I get really tense while driving.

4. My favorite day of the week is Saturday. Morning, to be exact. (first I sit and drink coffee, then I clean, then I run, then I shower. only then am I free to enjoy the rest of the day).

5. I have a thing for sans serif fonts mixed with lovely handlettering.

6. Actually, I like contrast of nearly any type. Women wearing t-shirts with dressy skirts, black with brown, vintage with modern.

7. I was high school valedictorian.

8. Then I got to college, majored in art, and quit worrying about my grades.

9. I dislike white, creamy foods: milk, cream cheese, gravy, etc. Ice cream doesn't count.

10. I have never left the Continental US. This is not something I am proud of. Someday I will change that....

11. I am an obsessive knitter. I just can't stop. Do you need gloves? A hat?

12. I love depressing love stories. You know, the unrequited love stories, or impossible love stories.

13. I use the ellipsis all the time when I write.... I try to stop, and I usually end up going through my emails post-composition and replacing them with periods.

14. I love peonies in the garden. They smell divine.

15. I would like to visit Amsterdam first.

16. And then settle down in Canada, where it is nice and cold and socialist.

17. When I was a kid, I owned bucket calves, several pigs, and a hen-house full of chickens.

18. I also drove a tractor on occasion. Once I pulled out a fence-post with the field cultivator.

19. My favorite pastime was sewing period clothes for my Barbies.

20. Baking bread releases tension just about as well as a good run.

21. Whole wheat bread fresh from the oven plus real butter equals pure perfection.

22. I read LOTS of blogs during the day at work, but rarely comment. I guess you could call me a blog-stalker (so if you're stalking mine, that's ok).

23. My biggest pet peeve is when people invade my personal space. It spans 2 feet around me on all sides, and 3 near my shoulders.

24. In my family, I am known for telling tall tales. My family still believes that I told my Wednesday night teacher that my sister had broken her nose the night that she actually fractured her wrist. (this is not true, however.)

25. I'm out!


n said...

okay, first, i'd like some of those cute arm warmers that you're famously knitting and second, some day you need to teach me to make whole wheat bread.

enjoy your saturday morning!

Amanda said...

I love your bread. My mouth is watering as I think about it. Maybe, just maybe I'll come down there and eat your bread.

I think you hate chicken b/c you've lived in chicken territory for so long.

Mel said...

hey.... maybe so, demo! that totally makes sense! hmm.

n, i'd love to teach you to make bread. and as for the arm warmers.... you just wait, you just may end up with a pair. :)

Rach said...

oh, my, dear, what can i say? :-) some good stories in there.

Sara K. said...

#6, #7, #8 — ME TOO!! haha I was so bummed when Bryan said he didn't like my pinstriped black vest over my Dunder Mifflin tee! :)